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Please Thanks Susan Collins for Saying NO to

Medicaid Caps & Cuts in Health Care Bills

 October 2017

Email Senator Collins by using this contact form and thank her for standing up for Maine seniors by voting against Medicaid caps and cuts in recent health care bills. 


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M4A is leading efforts in Maine to address the impact of our aging demographic on our state’s economy and to build the kinds of systems we need to help older adults live long lives in their homes and communities.  We believe that older people are NOT the problem and are in fact a major part of the solution and one of best assets!  The problem IS that we’ve failed to adequate plan for the impact of a healthy aging population that is living longer and an aging workforce in a state with a very low birth rate and low in-migration.   M4A is leading efforts through the Maine Council on Aging to address these issues by building aging friendly communities that both address the immediate needs of older people but also attract younger workers to the state.  Sign up here to learn more about these efforts!

In addition, the threats to Maine seniors are coming almost daily now.  It’s sometimes hard to keep up with proposed changes to Medicare, Social Security, MaineCare, LIHEAP and state-funded programs.  It’s often even harder to make sense of what the impact will be on Maine seniors long term. 

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