Support our advocacy efforts!

M4A is your voice on aging issues and we need your support!

M4A is a leader in Maine’s Aging Network and is a tireless advocate for seniors at the Maine Legislature and with our Congressional Delegation.  We keep seniors informed about potential threats and provide them with the tools they need to take action! 

In addition, M4A is helping Maine’s five Area Agencies on Aging to efficiently and effectively collaborate to support the healthy aging of our citizens in their homes and communities.

Your contribution will help support M4A’s efforts and activities in key areas affecting Maine’s seniors, including:

Aging in Place
Quality Health & Home Care Coordination
Caregiver Support and Training
Community Planning for an Aging Population
Medicare and Benefits Counseling
Long Term Care
Elder Abuse, Isolation & Social Inclusion
Access to Affordable, Quality Health Care

Contributions to M4A are tax deductible.  Any level of contribution will support this work and will help support your local Area Agency on Aging! 

Please make check payable to:

Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging
P.O. Box 5415
Augusta, Maine 04332

Please make sure to provide us with your name, address, phone and email. 

Thank you!